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In The Details

The devil is in the details. But so is god.

Standardized Testing Is Destructive

“The Bartleby Project begins by inviting 60,000,000 American students, one by one, to peacefully refuse to take standardized tests or to participate in any preparation for these tests; it asks them to act because adults chained to institutions and corporations are unable to; because these tests pervert education, are disgracefully inaccurate, impose brutal stresses without reason, and actively encourage a class system which is poisoning the future of the nation.”

Read John Taylor Gatto’s full statement on the Bartleby Project (it’s long).

MacOS Hosts File

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
123.234.343.34 domain.com
dscacheutil -flushcache

MacOSX – Show all Hidden Files

quick note:

1) Open Terminal

2) write:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

3) then Finder needs to be restarted, so write:

killall Finder

To reverse the process just use “FALSE” instead of “TRUE”

Juggling: Balls Or Balloons

Balls are finished products. They don’t need to be maintained, or built, or nurtured. If you want to juggle balls, you can start with two and dedicate your entire focus to the act of juggling. Sure there’s an upper limit to how many balls you can juggle, but if you’re really good you can probably make it past five or six.

But if you have balloons unfilled and untied, then each balloon needs your dedicated focus as you fill it with air and then tie its spout. If one balloon takes 30 breaths to mature, you can not multiply your results by giving 10 breaths to five balloons.

So what are you holding in your hand? Is it a ball or a balloon?

Production vs Maintenance

A person can either be better at counting & saving, or at multiplying & creating. It’s true that both are necessary for sustenance, but too often the one of these who should be leading is instead the one following.

Worldly Wander


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The Weakness of Strength