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Master Of New Trades

It’s that classic dichotomy. Are you a master of one, single focus, or a dabbler in multiple directions, who leaves unfinished works in your wake?

An explorer is labelled ‘jack of all trades’ when his various journeys are measured on individual bases. If instead the journeyer himself were to be measured, one would discover a masterful endurance for the hardest parts of any journey:

1) The decision making power to “just start walking”
2) The patience & calmness to move beyond being lost
3) The effort & exertion required to gain that first plateau of momentum
4) The identification & classification of new patterns in order to develop a working vocabulary of a new field

As the availability of forks in the road grows at an accelerating pace, those who would have been dismissed as jacks of all trades now find themselves in a newly dominant position: Masters of New Trades.

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